RON TAYLOR World Spear Fishing Champion 1965

Ron Taylor AM in 1965

Ron Taylor speared fish in the Capricorn and Bunker Group off the Queensland coast using Wally Muller’s Riversong as a mother ship. (Below) Ron Taylor and a Cook Island snapper at Tweed Heads in 1964


tahiti65memoir.jpg (39k image)
Soon afterwards professional abalone diving (and the wealth involved) became a greater priority than spear fishing competitions. Most of the leading Sydney divers went south.

By 1971 the **PADI** TM (Professional Association of Diving Instructors Pty Limited) scuba schools arrived with retail dive shops now running their own social dive clubs.

The original spear fishing clubs that were the foundation of diving activities were no longer the sole gateway to underwater.

Australians have entered world spear fishing competitions since but none has equaled the success that Ron Taylor archived in Tahiti in 1965.

Ron eventually became appalled at the waste of \rubbish fish\ involved with competition spear fishing and retired from all such competitions.