SEA SNAKES Australian Seafari

A still made at the time a sea snake encounter was recorded at Centennary Reef, The Swain Reefs.
A still made at the time a sea snake encounter was recorded at Centenary Reef, The Swain Reefs.  From an under-exposed Kodachrome II original 35mm transparency.

1-1-sea snake 73

Tom Allen snake

While leading diving excursions aboard Coralita for Wally Muller, we recorded our highlights on 16mm underwater film.

The above  is Tom Allen – a reptile expert who was working with the Wild Kingdom TV crew when we made this still.  Tom Allen’s diving CV is amazing.

Insert Stokesi sea snake pictures here.

A big Stokes sea snake (stokesi) holds enough venom to kill a dozen divers. They don’t see us as being anything worth biting unless for their own defense, so you don’t do anything to annoy them.

The bite of any sea snake is to be avoided, venom is stronger than most land snakes.

The medical anti-venene used to treat sea snake bites is also a hazard and is only given as a last ditch effort – if given too soon it kills you.

This picture was taken offshore at Yeppoon, Queensland. Model: Christine Danaher.


october1964 (39k image)


No wonder John Harding looks a bit grim. Before finally spearing this giant sea-snake after two unsuccessful shots, John had to fight for his life as the enraged reptile repeatedly attacked him. (Full story inside). Photo by Ron Taylor.