modernart1959 (17k image)
**Mays Family Hotel** was one of the smallest hotels in Sydney. A cute 3 floor building that still stands today, at 5 Mt.Vernon Street, Glebe, but not as a hotel. It was popular with Sydney University students, although not the only ‘watering hole’ they frequented, nor one of the closest.

The monkey skull and bat were inspirations from the university collection. The guitar was mine. It was my first colour photograph, made with a Kodak Reninette 1a 35mm camera using (very slow speed) 10 ASA Kodachrome film. I was aged 17, probably considered young to be playing with a \good camera.\

(I also had a typewriter and a tape recorder – both very rare ‘toys’ for any boys in that suburb, and extremely beneficial for me later in time).

Kodachrome film is noteworthy for it’s non-fading, non-colour shift qualities. The 16mm film is just as good. The early Australian documentaries were mostly made with this magnificent film, sadly no longer processed in Australia. The 16mm version may have recently ceased production too. (The digital age).