The February 1968 National Geographic featured pictures by Ron Taylor and John Harding (me); Ben Cropp had the centerfold with his whale shark image lifted from 16mm Kodachrome.

The May 1981 cover features Ron Taylor’s idea of a chain mail suit, inspired by butchers gloves.

The signed cover by Valerie Taylor was for my late father, John M Harding.


jmhgolf.jpg (45k image)
What do divers do when the sea is rough…..silly question, they play golf. John Harding (senior) hit three holes-in-one over a four year period.

We thought the first was a bit of a fluke, but the second hole-in-one had us amazed and handing out heaps of compliments. Then he did it a third time! Our hero.

As a human being “a very hard act to follow”, said Valerie Taylor on occasions. They were good friends and Dad admired Ron Taylor’s craftsmanship and underwater diving abilities.

Dad kept his Swedish ancestry private. His mother was a descendant of a Director of the Swedish East India Company knighted by the king in 1772 for services to Sweden.

David af Sandeberg¬† became a nobleman at about the time it began to meant very little in terms of power. He had built ships and castles, made a dozen round trips sailing between Sweden and Canton (near Hong Kong) on trading missions which lifted the nation’s economy.

Strange how it all works, I picked up an uncanny interest in Chinese history and culture. Genetic memory imprint?

Looking at a TV documentary about film actor **Greta Gabo** over the weekend, I can see how some Scandinavian girls have uniquely beautiful visual features.

Our ancestor had the best of both worlds hopping between Sweden and China. Maybe we have relatives today in China? If so I’d be sharing that honour with about 35 cousins. Dad came from a large family, five girls and six boys.

Normally we keep these things private, but the inspiration to share this came from an email received a few days ago from friend.

I have spent the last couple of hours browsing through your wonderful website! What a wonderful, interesting and exciting life you’ve had!! I was particularly impressed with how proud you are of your Dad and how you have treasured his memory with all the photos of him – I really enjoyed them.

You know, the last couple of hours have probably been the most fun and interesting hours I have ever spent in all my life (without leaving my house) and have left me wondering what my own life would have been like if I too had lived my life by the sea exploring underwater like you! If only I had met you all those years ago!!

I was wondering whether I could borrow DVDs for my children and I to watch of your documentaries – please let me know. It was great talking to you earlier tonight. I will be in touch.

Again, my compliments on such a fantastic website – I have never seen so many beautiful photos of our beautiful world before in my life and it has certainly put me in a beautiful frame of mind before going to be