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Jack Evans helps clean the pool while Allan Chamberlain gets the antibiotics ready.

“The first dolphin oceanarium began as a accident at Snapper Rocks ocean baths. The story was some joking friends of Jack Evans (pictured with broom) dropped a dolphin (called porpoise in error) into his swimming baths at Snapper Rocks on the Queensland – New South Wales border.

The resulting publicity and income was such, that Jack Evans went into business and constructed an oceanarium on the bank of the Tweed River, at the border holiday towns of Tweed Heads and Coolangatta at the southern end of the Gold Coast strip which includes Surfers Paradise”.

TATHRA ……. Spear fishing catch January 1964

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(Top)Bob Grounds and Jack Evans, Editor Australian Skindivers Magazine

(Below)John Barlow, John Harding, Bob Grounds

We called at Tathra on the way back from South Australia. Bob Grounds noticed all the abalone and soon found a buyer in Sydney, and so began the commercial industry that exists today.

Had the weather been more favorable we would have explored Gabo Island in Victoria where the ‘abs’ were even more plentiful and larger – but that is not the way it happened. Gabo Island was ‘discovered’ by ab-divers a couple of years later.