lemon shark
1. Sharks love the color red. 2. Sharks are said to be attracted to dogs 3. It’s a mistake to bump into a shark with a boat – especially when following one like the above, at any speed.

At first Ben and I thought it was a tiger shark. Now I am not so sure after receiving an email reply from John D. Stevens of Australia’s CSIRO.  Maybe it was a lemon shark after all?

John D. Stevens says: “It’s not a tiger shark, species unidentifiable”.

The confusion was came after we saw numerous tiger sharks on the reef shallows that same morning, attracted by possibly a harpooned dugong or turtle, or stingray – something large enough  when injured to  provided a stimulus attraction.

These were big sharks, 2.5 meters and upwards, with a single four meter monster seen the next day.

Unusual for so many in a tiny area without something having brought them in.

Batt Reef is a big sandy and shallow reef running some ten nautical miles in length, located off Port Douglas, Queensland.

(It’s where the TV celebrity Steve Irwin was fatally spiked in the chest by a large stingray a few months after our episode also at Batt Reef).

LARGE STINGRAY …….. Batt Reef, North Queensland

stingrayreef.jpg (74k image)
Stingray gliding over the shallows of the reef that made world headlines.

**Batt Reef** is a big sandy area, very shallow on the top and with small patches of coral and weed. This is offshore from tourist centre of Port Douglas and Low Isles.

This reef is home to hundreds, even thousands of large stingrays, some turtles and dugong and numerous tiger, lemon and nurse sharks.

In recent weeks this reef has been inundated by news cameramen seeking the stingray with a broken barb that \**Crocodile Hunter,\ Steve Irwin** encountered here.

The large stingray in the upper frame was quite tame (from a distance)