Above: Ellison Reef off Mission Beach, Queensland before starfish killed entire reef.

Lower picture: A very old, large starfish on a bommie outside Fitzroy Lagoon (Capricorn and Bunker Group)

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Beaver Cay, on or about 1983
Captain Perry Harvey had a battle with marine park authorities over obtaining their permission (believe it or not) to remove coral destroying starfish from a vast patch of coral reef at Beaver Cay.

The reef was visited daily by his charter boat Friendship.

To sit by and watch the valuable coral reef (for tourism) being killed was ‘not on”.

Thousands of starfish were removed, before permission was finally granted.

The reef was saved, but only just.

Captain Perry Harvey was regularly interviewed in marine documentaries. The late Robert Raymond did extensive documentary film reporting and wrote a book on the subject.

Eventually budgets for starfish eradication by divers were granted.

Is the problem under control today?   Global warming is the new buzz word.