manta8 (76k image)

Like jelly, these skinned slabs of seafood are from a manta ray. (This information will get a few of my friends excited)!

Use our SEARCH function for pictures of a manta ray underwater and swimming. Sharks like to eat them too. We’ve got pictures of neat shark bites taken from the wings.


snapper10 (73k image)

Almost the same in appearance to the New Zealand snapper – which is similar to the Australian version but not identical (to the best of my knowledge). Young snapper are Red Bream which then become Squire when a little bigger. The adult is what we call a Snapper (or Schnapper on some menu’s). In southern Australia it is the ‘A’ grade table fish.

The common name Snapper is used everywhere and for many species, mostly from the tropics.


octopussnags (36k image)

Seafood sausages, yes. There is also seafood flavored ICE CREAM. Octopus sausages – the darker colored ones, would work well in Australia. Quite spicy too.

Cooked while you wait and presented on a stick for AUD$1.50 or less.

There are other seafood ingredients available.

The website is in Chinese (only) – is that sea scream or seas cream?