(Top picture) Original anti-shark ‘net Young hammerhead shark in beach meshing net, southern Gold Coast, Queensland.

(Bottom left) Sydney tabloid newspaper Telegraph regularly features marine stories. Tues 25 June was a 2.47 meter male bull shark tagged and released at Manly that entered Sydney Harbor (Port Jackson) and apparently became ‘lost’, moving throughout the harbor.
1. Bulk of the sharks time was spent west of Sydney Harbour bridge.
2. On a single day it traveled 55 km.
3. During 14 days it traveled 295 km with three days unaccounted for.
4. 230km was traveled during darkness hours.
5. Another 55 sharks have been tagged for tracking by Dept.of Primary Industries. Sydney harbor was a priority after recent near-fatal attack on a navy diver.
6.There are 38 listening ‘posts’ in Sydney harbor with another 200 along the coast to track the tagged sharks.

(Lower right) Balmoral Beach showing original steel shark net. The rocks in foreground have been where divers photographed dozens of seahorses per night dive.

There was a fatal shark attack at Balmoral in the early 1960’s on a spear fisherman.balmoral.jpg