SHARK CONSERVATION (1969) – ‘Firstly, any small effort’


The Grey Nurse shark was first species to be given protection.  Big Seal Rock  NSW


Sharks saved by a rough cesarean operation. Sandra Greentree inspired her friends this day at North Stradbroke Island, Queensland.  John Harding was filming sharks for NHK (Japan) TV.
PIX magazine was first to publish this shark saving story.  Shark cesarean birth.

GREY NURSE SHARKS of 1988 and 2006

New South Wales 1988  Big Seal Rock. Location: S 32.46 E 152.55

Point Lookout, Queensland 1968 (first test on 16mm Kodachrome)

Via Facebook 13 March 2006

“Visibility 10 to 20 meters on the inshore reefs. Offshore The Pinnacle has been 20 to 30 meters. Water temp up to 24C.

Up to 50 GNS on “The Barge” over the last week.

The GNS have moved out from the gutters of Latitude Rock, we think to The Barge.

The Pinnacle has schools of  (Yellowtail)Kingfish and (Mulloway) Jewfish whirl-pooling, together with attendant big black rays and just a few big Grey Nurse sharks,

Seal Rocks on the weekend, visibility 20 meters at the Big Rock, with ONE HUNDRED Grey Nurse in The Grotto.

Dived Little Seal Rock as well on the weekend, great visibility and 40 GN sharks in the gutters there.”
(Ron Hunter).

Fathom magazine 1971-1973  – Sharks Isssue