The octopus have not killed anyone lately – which is a wonder. It was almost an annual event years ago.  A common resident of Sydney Harbour these tiny octopus will kill a man with their bite.  The ‘victim’ dies quickly.  It is obviously very unwise to handle a live Blue Ring octopus.

The rings glow bright blue on the legs as a series of tiny disc-shaped circles rather than rings around the entire leg.

A science-themed story is contained in our FATHOM magazine No.3

RON TAYLOR World Spear Fishing Champion 1965

Ron Taylor AM in 1965

Ron Taylor speared fish in the Capricorn and Bunker Group off the Queensland coast using Wally Muller’s Riversong as a mother ship. (Below) Ron Taylor and a Cook Island snapper at Tweed Heads in 1964


Balmoralabalone.jpg (85k image)

Abalone collected elsewhere by this author and released into low-tide rock pools for future study by my good friend Tony Flook

Just beyond the rocks in the background is where a fatal shark attack occurred many years ago. The north entrance to Port Jackson (Sydney Harbor) is in the far left background.

The (Australian) Victorian Abalone Divers Association (VADA) wants the State Government to prevent poachers from spreading an abalone virus along the south west coast.
The Association’s Vincent Gannon says poachers have been close to areas where ganglioneuritis (the abalone virus) has been found.
The State Government has banned the collection of abalone along a 13-kilometer stretch of coast near Cape Otway to help stop the virus spreading further east