It was a thrill flying in this seaplane to one of the most beautiful and remote, inhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Last year news footage from Florida showed a wing breaking off a similar Grummond Albatross Hu-16 aircraft, while in flight. No survivors.

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Kapingamarangi Atoll as we saw the atoll from a Hu-16 seaplane

Situated within the Federated States of Micronesia is this beautiful coral atoll. Depth in the lagoon about 200 meters! Depth outside the reef measured in thousands of meters. The bottom shelves away as would the sides of an extinct volcano, which is what atolls are thought to be.

Living coral on the surface prevents the whole lot disappearing into the depths as it all slowly sinks. At least that is the theory proposed by Charles Darwin that is still being taught.

How that fits with global warming today would be another guess.

Could it also be that our sun is becoming hotter in addition to these terrible man-made things occurring simultaneously?

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