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Land surrounding river is owned by a pastoral company.  Will there ever be shops, liquor store and a marina here?

It’s a wild river – inhabited by crocodiles, possibly squatters in a hut  (one surviving hermit living near the mouth of the river disappeared – possibly taken by a crocodile before these pictures were taken.  That story is elsewhere on this blog).

We’ve anchored at the Olive River several times while making marine documentary films offshore.  In the upper reaches of the river where water is brackish, grow unique palms.

Anchoring near the bank is a hazard,  many large submerged tree’s underwater.  You’d think these would make an ideal home for Barramuindi – the prize fish.   Professional fishermen always seem to have ‘cleaned them out’ before we arrive.

Currently before the Australian parliament is the Wild Rivers Legislation.

The future of this and other rivers of Cape York Peninsula rivers  is blowing in the wind.