2 SEA – FM Radio presenters visit north coast

Community radio 2 SEA FM on the far south coast of New South Wales has “Surf Safari” for two hours each Saturday afternoon with highly respected and entertaining surfer Henry Jones.

“Best new music and updates via a presenter with decades of experience as a surfer, wind surfer and presently kite surfing”.

2 SEA FM covers the region between Merimbula and Eden – not that far from the border with Victoria and  possibly (according to former locals like this writer) the most beautiful area on the entire east coast of Australia.  Summers tend to be shorter than on the north coast but high and low air temperatures are much the same.  Water temperature is a different matter!

Henry was surprised to learn that Legends Surf Museum has closed due to highway widening and changes. ‘ Happy travels dear friends’.  See you back here again as soon as time permits.

Mythbusters Vs Thrillseekers


At Manly, during a heavy ocean swell, is it possible for a surfer to get a glimpse of Sydney Harbour from the peak of a huge wave?
Apparently ‘YES’, says Henry – who experienced this phenomenon during his youth when residing near Manly.
Question No. 2.  Can Sydney Harbour be seen from waves off nearby Fairy Bower?   
(Remember there is a steep hill and cliffs at The Bower)?