Sydney Harbour’s Camp Cove now has a shark-proof swimming enclosure.

Collage of faces from the sixties.  Scott is top left, “Snowie” MacAllister, “Doc” Spencer, Bob Pike, Paul Witzig (large picture). Lower left is Robert Conneeley and then Rodney Sumpter.  On the far right, upper and lower pictures are yet to be ID’d

Girls in centre picture were at Noosa Heads in December 1967.  Surf wagon at Seal Rocks was earlier in the same year.

One of the remarkable exhibits, apart from the vinyl 45 record, was a handwritten letter (photo copy) by Mr. M. Dora describing a thrill seeking event in his life.

Scott Dillon met with Russell Hughes (2003), they had not seen each other for decades.
John M Harding
Paul Witzig trilogy “Hot Generation”  “Evolution”  “Sea of Joy” (released as a  DVD set 2013)  Fabulous quality.

16mm Bolex movie camera with F-C mount adapter and Nikon 55mm macro lens
David ‘Mex’ Sumpter (left) and Paul Witzig – original Surfing Promotions director who brought “The Endless Summer” surf movie (by Bruce Brown) to Australia – plus other Brown titles.

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