Near the drift dive location at Nukuoro (in the pass).
Kapamarangi shark outside the lagoon.
Manta ray outside the lagoon at Kapinga
Pictures lifted from movie film
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(Above left) in the lagoon at Kapinga  (Right and below)  Great Barrier Reef (Australia) examples.

Crown-ofThorns story will be appear here later – pictures are first priority.

Surfacing after a deep dive outside the lagoon

 Dive at Kapingamarangi – Dr. Barry Wilson (our leader) using a Nikonos with bulb flash.  Gorgonian fan coral at left. Depth 140 feet. One of the best diving locations in the world.  The wall of an atoll shelves away constantly at 45 degrees into great depths. 200 foot visibility and warm water – there is nothing better.  (No crown-of-thorns starfish were seen on this dive).