SHARK FIGHTERS 16-page programme (1965)

Revenge of a Shark Victim‘ by Ron Taylor  originally narrated by Hayes Gordon.  Film had scenes removed after the first screening when the audience heckled the dramatic tragedy aspects of the script.  Purchased and re-edited in 1966 by leading TV producer Robert Raymond (Senior) for his weekly PROJECT ’66 series. Won an Emmy Award –  highest award in Australian television.  Sound on the original version was recorded slightly slow giving Hayes Gordon’s voice a sleepy yet dramatic quality, OK when projected at 26 or 27 frames per second instead of standard 24 fps.  (Hayes Gordon was a stage director remembered for “The Seven Year Itch” at the Ensemble Theatre – Starring Valerie Heighes (later Valerie Taylor).

Surf Scene had two versions.  The original (and best) narrated by 2UW disc jockey WARD AUSTIN was in color. A second version for television was  in B&W – the commentary was an attempt to copy the accidental humor of the original voice and failed miserably assisted with its slightly British accent.  Original music was composed by John Charter a musician and band leader spotted by John Harding at several music venues.

Slaughter at Saumarez was narrated by TV newsreader Chuck Faulkner with a jazz soundtrack by bandleader Geoff Harvey.


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Library No. ISBN 0 9593669 03    (66 pages – 40 pages in color).

 Published by Ron Taylor Film Productions Pty.Ltd. (1981).

 Valerie Taylor reports on their first tests of the steel anti-shark dive suit, with their  encouraging a shark bite on a replica diver in South Australia.

This stunt upset local divers at the time who claimed it may be training sharks to bite human forms.

Even more scary for pro abalone divers today might be the observation on how the steel suit had one test shark very agitated due to possible electrical fields generated, since the original steel suit was purchased by several divers.

As reported in the USA large circulation diving magazine. 1981.