There was an era when underwater photography was rare, unusual and novel.  I purchased a Calypso-phot camera in 1963 and on a memorable safari north with friends, asked Ron Taylor to take a single picture of me with a crayfish.  This was North West Island in July 1963.  When the film was processed I saw for the first time what I looked like as a diver, underwater.  No big deal today but back then it was a real thrill.

Author: thejohnharding3

This blog is a combination of: 1. Polynesian atolls 'people of the sea' (1969) 2. Australian surfing and spear fishing 1960s 3. Underwater photography and film making CONTENTS are mixed. Use 'categories' 'search' or scroll through. In time more text will be added to existing posts. (REFRESH your browser). Enjoy the contents, tell friends.

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