The Late John LeBrun pictured

John LeBrun (a professional camera equipment salesman and diver) taught us a couple of points about photography he had learned from his service in the air force.

“When you focus on an object, the area that is actually in focus (also called depth of field)  is 1/3 in front and 2/3 behind the point that you’ve focused on”.

You can use this knowledge to some advantage at times.

Generally we were all self-taught photographers.  The most difficult part in the learning days was getting a good exposure, especially underwater.  Most divers tended to over-expose pictures.

Today the camera’s are automatic in this respect but sometimes adjustments make a nice difference.  Sunsets are better if the exposure is make darker, for example.

Author: thejohnharding3

This blog is a combination of: 1. Polynesian atolls 'people of the sea' (1969) 2. Australian surfing and spear fishing 1960s 3. Underwater photography and film making CONTENTS are mixed. Use 'categories' 'search' or scroll through. In time more text will be added to existing posts. (REFRESH your browser). Enjoy the contents, tell friends.


  1. I’ve seen those holes in the backs of Morwong before, on several individuals. The holes are always in the same place, so I don’t believe that are from spear guns. I’ve been told its a disease or genetic problem. I’m sure there is someone at the Australian Museum that knows for sure.

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