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My choice as an outstanding photo is the garden eel portrait. It may have been made with a remote controlled camera – or a very good telephoto lens.

You can’t get closer than maybe 5 meters from a garden eel without it slipping into it’s hole in the sand.

To obtain a portrait like this is not easy.

Last week I read in the English \Taipei Times\ newspaper of an underwater photographic exhibition at Taiwan’s National Museum, in the 228 Peace Park, walking distance from my hotel in Taipei.

What a pleasant surprise to see maybe 100 large color framed photographs taken underwater around Taiwan. Plus a continuous video showing what appears to be volcanic gas erupting from a coral reef offshore.

At first it looked like a scuba tank inside in a cave with the valve open full. With no English narration it was a mystery until the film ran again and it became an obvious thermal emission.

The exhibition runs several weeks, is accompanied by excellent front-of-house advertising and quality posters. They even have a couple of store dummies dressed in tank and wet suits suspended from a ceiling downstairs.

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