ricksdayout (73k image)
**\Courtesy Rick Trippe collection\**

Hi this was last Sunday’s catch off the Van Bruggan’s Dream and the Rick Mill wrecks then went for a quick dive with Chad on Monday morning same wrecks and the Bottle Washer, 1 to 1½ m viso yuk! Saw some Jewies but they were too smart. Had a shot at a Jewfish under the aft of the V.B.D. and just as I squeezed the trigger it moved and cleaned missed it only to hit a golden snapper behind it! (I meant to do that……) HAVE THE BEST WEEKEND EVER Cheers Rick.


ss-1.jpg (70k image)
**These more fortunate \mowies\ have never seen a speargun**

The same species when seen around populated reef’s frequented by spear fishing competitions won’t be quite as tame. At Long Reef (Sydney) they speed away as would Snapper. Fish soon learn what a diver with a spear gun is capable of.