Scott Dillon age 83

Scott with sufing film maker Dick Hoole.


Aged eighty, Scott Dillon grew up on Bondi Beach where his father was a member of the surf life saving club. Scott was spear fishing about five years before a younger Wally Gibbins entered the sport.

For five dollars admission, Scott gave a personal commentary and guided tour of his museum. Located just off the Pacific Highway, about 7 km north of Coffs Harbour. A pair of highway signs mark the exit.

On occasions I’ve heard Scott speak of  divers blind-spot underwater. (More info follows below).

The museum had many young back packers from Europe, and of course ‘sharks’ are the topic most wish  first-hand information about.

One internet story from Florida this week showed an aerial picture of one thousand sharks near a beach, yet sharks are supposed threatened with extinction.

SHARK FINS. In many countries it is a fisheries law that fins can only be removed on the dock where the entire shark is to be processed. Victorians are great consumers of small shark (sold as ‘flake’).

The largest selling ‘fish’ at (Woolworths – Burleigh Heads, Queensland) is a shark! The Blue Pointer sold as Mako shark fillets.



In this slightly-less-than two minute video, I ask Scott to tell of his underwater encounter with a huge crocodile in Ceylon back in the 1950’s. Scott and a mate had eight months of professional spear fishing at that time. The reefs were virgin territory then.

A huge croc swam between them and fortunately just kept going. A couple of days later it was netted and inspected by police who discovered the remains of a missing man inside.

(Pictures used to illustrate this tragedy are from a similar incident).




leopard.jpg (77k image)
**Depth 25 meters, Wal’s Bommie, Saumarez Reef (\1974\)**

The blind spot with our face mask vision underwater is: **above and behind.**

These friends who were part of a dive team of 12 did not see the leopard shark at all.

It approached and left unseen.

The point being, it might have been a dangerous species, a tiger shark for example – something powerful that must be watched.

Why must the shark be watched?

To monitor any sudden, or erratic change in the swimming pattern that might signal and preceded a ‘problem’.

Keep your eyes open. Choose a face mask with wide vision, not necessarily something the salesman suggests.

UNDERWATER MODELS. Germany and Japan

germanygirls.jpg.jpg (33k image)
(Top)** \Mrs Germany\ – Elischeba Wilde**
(Below) **Nadine Werner – free diving sensation**

Nadine Werner: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=0g9Xf6_w1mM

Nadine Werner on TV: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=3xhMxteTn-I

Sabrina Asano http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=9HJE2Ge0ubQ

\Mrs.Germany\ http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=kS3jzBGKXiU

Features:**Nadine Werner** in first two listings, then Tokyo girl **Sabrina Asano** who does artistic movements UW and stunning blonde \Mrs.Germany\ **Elischeba Wilde.**

Note: The freediving wetsuit design worn by Nadine Werner.