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Like a military exercise. Tents, wet suits, vehicles, hot food and drink, volunteers galore. A pod of false killer whales (pilot whales) decided to commit suicide by swimming ashore. They were persuaded by \marine councilors\ to do otherwise.

Locals said it was the most people ever seen at any one time on Boat Beach.

CAMPING ON BEACH Seal Rocks 1969

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Christmas holidays, 1969 Seal Rocks NSW

This is something we’ll never experience again. It was possible to camp alongside your boat, right on the beach with a million dollar view. The council opened a camping area nearby, (on previously cleared rain forest land), and put an end to cheap summer holidays right on the beach. (The new fresh water hot showers were welcomed though).

SEAL ROCKS Traditional fishing boat 1970

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Launched through sheltered surf off \Boat Beach\ these heavy seafaring timber boats were retrieved using a steel cable and a motor winch. Just one or two remain in use today, replaced by smaller light weight aluminum craft. Fishing catches have been in decline – initially scuba divers were blamed for scaring fish away. A typical belief held by old-time fishermen everywhere.