DUGONG …… Best Underwater picture

The mermaid myth was inspired by this air-breathing creature

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trawlernet (64k image)

All along the coast trawlers are hooking-up with things, including WW2 aircraft.

This example shows a lot of lost and expensive gear wrapped around the remains of a RAAF Hudson WW2 aircraft first dived on by **Dean Cropp** with his famous film making father Ben.

Aircraft wrecks are yet to be included in the strict legislation which protects historic shipwrecks.


gdr2 (123k image)

**Dean Cropp on the \Fatima\ shipwreck site, (unexplored weather-side)**

Here’s a famous shipwreck site on the outside edge of the Great Barrier Reef(s).

The **\Fatima\** went up on the weather side of \Great Detached Reef\ and left a couple of anchors partially exposed as the wreck, or part of it, was washed across the top of the reef and presumably into the lagoon on the other side.

Here on the ocean side or \weather-side\ of this coral reef are unusual coral lumps or mounds which I have a gut-feeling might be now coral-encrusted parts of the original ship. A metal detector here could be interesting.

The shape of the coral here, especially near an established wreck site is the clue.

Working in the surf zone would be difficult. Just getting there is far from being easy.

It might be a while before anyone does anything, or maybe never?