PETER BRISTOW ……Top honour for Australian expatriate

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\”A pic of me\ (writes Peter Bristow) \at the Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach Florida receiving an award from the IGFA. (International Game Fishing Association). The Gilbert Keech Award for a life time achievement in Heavy Tackle Big Game Fishing.

It was a shock/honor experience for me, I knew absolutely nothing about it until Rob Kramer, President made the announcement. It just blew me away”.\

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Cairns, Australia (YouTube)

Footnote: When I first visited Cairns (1967 Belgian Expedition to the GBR) the entire Bruce Highway connecting Cairns to all southern cities was dubbed \The Crystal Highway,\ piles of glass from broken car windscreens on either side of the road. The road was a single-sealed lane with rocks and gravel on both sides. When passing a vehicle from either direction, a shower of rocks thrown into the air by car tyres was expected. Laminated windscreens were not used then either. One friend broke two windscreens on his car during the same day!

Getting to Cairns was therefore quite an adventure by road. Better things awaiting those who went to sea in charter boats.

Big game fishing was the glamor boating sport. Three young guys were responsible for promoting the fishing to Americans able to afford the journey and charter boat fees. Peter Bristow was one of the three.

Travel agencies picked-up on what was happening in Cairns and the town rapidly grew into the city it is today.

Peter Bristow bailed out, first to fish Micronesia and now to Madeira, the Portuguese island off NW Africa where he runs a charter fishing business today. His original charter boat was \Avalon.\