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For anyone starting out in underwater photography, close-ups of soft corals is easy and visually rewarding.

These shots are from a film camera. Digital makes it even easier. Some people spend most of their underwater lives looking at and photographing things no larger than a coin. Others enjoy making a library of fish pictures.

The most boring (and therefore the easiest) subject of all, is another diver with a camera pointed at you.

If there is a shark or something exciting between both of you, that is a different matter!


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The \Rolleimarin\ still camera housing had the title taped against the inside of the glass.

The housing was hung on a rotary clothes lines (a popular Australian invention) and moved slowly and carefully by Jocelyn into the filming camera’s point of view.

The best title ever, yet I didn’t know it and swapped the title for something more ordinary and simple.

FITZROY BOMMIE offshore from Gladstone

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**Jocelyn & Christine Danaher**

The same bommie where we found the giant CoT starfish. Below was a cave housing some nice **black coral** formations. It was a productive dive pin pointed to us by our skipper **Ron Isbell**.

This soft coral colony looks like it would be a very old example if size has anything to do with it. Nothing brilliant in the color department, would be hard-pressed to make a promotional picture. A pity. If it were bright pink or red such formations would be all over magazine covers and posters.

Such is the appeal of color.

Underwater there is limited color visible to our eyes. The flash/strobe illuminates (and in same cases colorizes) the subject.

A false impression. Many tourists are therefore disappointed when they first snorkel in coral country – seeing a blue grey panorama of coral reef instead of the brilliant artificial colors selected for promotions.

It’s a miracle some lawyer has not tried suing tourist bureau’s, airlines etc. **for false advertising.** After all, the bright red colors **do not exist** (except in shallow water) without a light/strobe/flash.