COLOR OF JELLYFISH ……. \food for thought\

jellycolor.jpg (32k image)

Has anyone studied the IQ of jellyfish? It exists and is surprising to see and observe. They alter shape to swim between the bars of swimming enclosures (at Melbourne’s Brighton sea baths)!

A huge jellyfish in the ocean Coffs Harbour spread it’s tentacles over a very wide area when I began taking flash pictures.

Our video \Sea Safari\ showed the colors within jellyfish as they drifted in a current off Heron Island.

Usually there are better things to photograph and jellyfish are overlooked. The colors in this digital picture were not apparent until some tweaking was done much later.

How jellyfish can communicate with each other seems fascinating – if in fact they “talk” at all. We are still in the dark ages of understanding all that happens within the sea. Divers have been among the pioneers.

Author: thejohnharding3

This blog is a combination of: 1. Polynesian atolls 'people of the sea' (1969) 2. Australian surfing and spear fishing 1960s 3. Underwater photography and film making CONTENTS are mixed. Use 'categories' 'search' or scroll through. In time more text will be added to existing posts. (REFRESH your browser). Enjoy the contents, tell friends.

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