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1. Sharks love the color red. 2. Sharks are said to be attracted to dogs 3. It’s a mistake to bump into a shark with a boat – especially when following one like the above, at any speed.

At first Ben and I thought it was a tiger shark, like the one shown here chewing on the tail of a black stingray in the shallows. Now I am not so sure. Maybe it was a lemon shark?

The pictures have been examined by a shark scientist who wrote words to the effect: “It’s not a tiger shark, species unidentifiable”.

The confusion was sparked after we saw numerous tiger sharks on the reef shallows that same morning, attracted by possibly a harpooned dugong or turtle,something large that provided a good meal for many.

These were big sharks, 2.5 meters and upwards, with a single four meter long monster seen the next day.

Unusual for so many in a tight area without something having brought them in.

**Batt Reef** is a big sandy and shallow reef running some ten nautical miles in length, located off Port Douglas, Queensland.

(Yes. It’s where the popular TV celebrity was spiked in the chest by a similar-sized stingray).


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Big Seal Rock – Grey Nurse

(My camera log) **Monday 22 Feb 1988**. \Big seas during last two days prevented diving. The ten foot swell dropped to seven foot today. Lots of white water and waves breaking over Little Seal Rock.

Perspex camera housing jammed film after only 10 feet possibly due to 48 fps (slow motion) being used. Film was 125ASA Fuji. Zoom lens set at 12.5mm at f5.6 (possibly one stop under-exposed anyway).

Stills exposed were about 16 frames exposed. Exposures should be OK. Lots of excitement on this solo dive as I faced 12 to 20 grey nurse. Had the feeling I was looking at a scene no one else in the world had viewed