FISH EXPERIMENT ………. \star of a Bangkok Hotel\

staroffoyer (29k image)

We seem to often underestimate intelligence levels of simple creatures.

This beautiful freshwater carp enjoyed our interest and attention late last night when the foyer was otherwise empty.

We ran some minutes of video of him/her in the tank – **then played it back especially for the fish to view.**

The response was not overly dramatic yet to this trained fish watchers’ eye, apparent enough that the species was watching with some puzzled interest.

More ‘experimentation’ required.

I’d expect the scientific community to be skeptical, in time that should change.

WELCOME TO BANGKOK …….. \Five tons of golden buddah\

goldbuddah (43k image)

**Part of the beautiful statue which can be seen at the edge of Chinatown.**

Anyone from Australia – NZ coming here for the dive show next weekend? I might delay returning to Taiwan. The temperature here is scorching – be prepared for 36 degrees. A good alternate hotel to consider is: **Chaophya Park Hotel** ( Very friendly people everywhere.