FIRST OUTBACK TRAVELS …… \a holiday from the sea\

seasafari (113k image)

(top) **Live \croc bait\ in the Northern Territory**
(below) **An emu was noctural scavenger at Katherine, NT**

Professional 16mm film suddenly became a bit too expensive for many of us in Australia. The **Leyland Brothers** had survived the cost increase by experimenting with exposed super 8 film transfered directly to 2

AUSTRALIAN SEAFARI 2 ….. \Coral Sea destination\

ASeafari (60k image)

(Top picture) When profits from our \**Australian Seafari**\ film shows arrived, we began spending. A big filming trip to the **Solomon Islands** was a test with some new stills camera gear.

Then a new \Zodiac\ and 30 HP Johnson outboard arrived.

Later the first micro Sony video camera