KERRY O’NEILL ……. \ visits Lord Howe Island\

LHoweIs.jpg (34k image)
**Lord Howe Island** is east of Port Macquarie in the \Tasman Sea\, Middleton Reef further to the north is in The Coral Sea.

If Lord Howe Island were a lot further north it would have a warmer and more pleasant climate. It is still a welcome sight after a voyage from the mainland via Middleton Reef.

CONUS Gloria maris ……. \(once) world’s rarest sea shell\

shellcollection.jpg (46k image)
When the world expert of \Gloria maris\ sea shells shows the largest **and the tiniest** specimens **he has ever dived for**, you can bet this to be something special.

Published here for the first time are the secret pictures of this amazing collection by **Wal Gibbins.**

Cone shells info:****