BIRCHGROVE PARK …….. 50 meters deep

skippy.jpg (29k image)
 Diver swims with a speargun around the wreck. A tangled anchor line is visible. At the conclusion of this dive a young white pointer shark had Bob making a quit exit back aboard the 14 foot boat we were working out of. It was 1967. Wally Gibbins was nearby with his boat. Getting decent pictures on the wreck was a challenge in those days, and probably still is.

Wal Gibbins was first to discover the long-lost shipwreck after a lot of searching with a “rare as hen’s teeth” echo sounder circa 1964. The wreck was eventually found .5 of one nautical mile from where it was positioned on the charts.

Adventure journalist Pat Burgess wrote of his dive with Wally on the wreck, which was published in a mid week edition of Sydney’s  The Daily Telegraph.A great gift to scuba divers.


Author: thejohnharding3

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