A NICE FISH …….. \spearing of an Australian record\

snapper24.jpg (47k image)
**The Snapper was dozing near a ledge at Jibbon Point, just off the Royal National Park near Sydney.**

From a distance I thought the silver body was that of the first mulloway/jewfish I had seen.

With stealth I crept toward this potential prize catch for me, by swimming out of sight hidden by the reef ledge and then approaching from above


jh1967.jpg (57k image)
We didn’t see any crocodiles in 1967 but there were barramundi being caught off the old sugar wharf in town when we tied up \Careelah\ for repairs.

(Night-tours of this same waterway are held today especially for tourists **to see crocodiles** meaning the reptiles have sucessfully returned, maybe even a bit too plentiful in some places)!