HANS & LOTTE HASS …..\”Australia leads the world”\ (1953)

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Veteran spearman and author, **Hans Hass**, passing rapidly through Sydney, en route to the Barrier (Reef) paused just long enough to have a club badge pinned on his chest by **Dick Charles**.

Dick got around to pinning a badge on the (chest of) photogenic Mrs (Lotte) Hass at the December (1952) Sunday outing.

The Dr (of zoology not medicine) commented that he had believed France to lead the world in spear fishing technique and development, but is convinced that Australia leads both France and America.

The reasons given for Australia leading the world in 1953 were: a helmet with attached face mask, the large shoulder-type spear guns of Wally Gibbins design, flippers incorporated into gloves, and a wrap-around rubber sheet – the forerunner to wet suits.

Hans Hass