THE BLUE FRONTIER……The Electrolung

Trip on the El Torito (Blue Frontier documentary) Fathom #9

Interview with Walter Starck (Fathom #8)


American educated, Walter A. Starck PhD (pictured) co-produced The Blue Frontier, a one hour film for Channel Seven’s ‘The World Around Us’ series.

This was the first documentary  in Australia to feature technical diving.

Filmed at Osprey Reef in 1972 from aboard his 64 ft by 28 ft private research vessel El Torito.

New diving destinations in Australia, New Zealand and The Coral Sea and reefs of the Solomon Islands became his new frontier and  challenge.

Walter Starck liked the Australian region and has stayed, now a resident of Magnetic Island, off Townsville, Queensland.

The El Torito was sold and converted into a mother ship for the live seafood export industry.

The Electrolung being given a dip by the co-inventor Dr Walter A. Starck II