SEAL ROCKS New South Wales

srvillage2 (85k image)
For decades just fisherman’s huts and empty weekend shacks were located on the beach on the road to the lighthouse at Sugarloaf Point.

Following the passing of Mrs Seal Rocks (the guardian against development) the millionaires have moved in.

Two views of the beach are shown in larger form here as a record of how Seal Rocks looked recently, expect some changes to the value of real estate. A $1m. price tag on any block of land these days.

‘Native title’ owns land at the top of the sand hills with best views.

SEAL ROCKS Eastern Rock Lobster

sealrocks3 (40k image)
Pictured at left: Christine Danaher and Dennis Kemp set these lobster free after this photo session in 1988.

Pictured at right: Ron Taylor in 1964 at the first beach when catching a big crayfish was a grand prize for all divers.

Footnote: Decades later big lobster became a protected species when they were eventually known to be the lobsters doing the breeding – always a theory by diver Vic ‘snowie’ Ley but unfortunately for the lobster, falling mostly on deaf listeners.

(updated 5 September 2010)