FIRST DUNBAR DIVE …….amazing vintage pictures located.

linklater1 (52k image)
Movie newsreel negative film recently found after being missing for 35 years has been scanned to reveal the following images.

Lois Linklater, wife of Don Linklater is shown. In the background, **Wal Gibbins** who will be able to identify the divers pictured during this first and historic dive on the famous shipwreck site located near the entrance to Sydney Harbour.

\Still a frequent reader enjoying the photos of twin hose gear. I note the steely look in the eyes of Dunbar expedition about to enter the water wearing vests and jumpers only. (Paul Turner Dec. 6 2005)\

WAL GIBBINS …….portrait from 35mm movie film

DunbarWalG2 (23k image)
An enlarged section from the above frame revealed **Wal Gibbins.**

Dec 21, 2005 Wal Gibbins makes positive ID of the pictures identifying Rod McNeil and Ron Clissold both members of the Underwater Explorers Group 1954-1955 era.