CORALITA ……at The Cod Hole

coralitacodhole.jpg (39k image)
\Twin Screw Motor Vessel T.S.M.V. Coralita\ (left) at the famous dive location north from Cairns.

CORALITA The Legend was Lost in 30 seconds

coralita3a.jpg (34k image)
The explosion occured in the engine room at night. The water-tight engine room doors were shut, which intensified the blast from a gas explosion. No one was aboard. \Coralita\ had just been re-fitted for new dive charters in New Guinea and was due to depart within days.

The wheelhouse, dining room and galley area was destroyed. A large hole below the water line on both sides of the vessel sent the best dive boat in the world to the bottom of Cairns harbour in 30 seconds. A legend was lost.

The (2nd) owners were cleared of any neglect or willful acts in two subsequent court proceedings. A mystery of the sea with many rumours covering every possible scenario.

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WhiteP (27k image)
White Pointer sharks are also called Great White sharks. They are not white – more a dirty grey colour.

The white pointer shark was never commonly caught by fishermen, but JAWS movie hysteria saw all sharks targeted for their teeth and jaws as trophies.

Recently CSIRO scientists have attached satellite enabled tracking tags to white pointers to learn migration movements – thought by many to coincide with southern whale migrations north for breeding.

Skindivers who encountered white pointers were once being bitten all too frequently, now it seems to be surfboard riders who are the potential candidates, especially in southern Australian waters.

Diver Henri Bource made a shark film **after** he lost half his leg to a large white pointer while snorkel swimming with sea lions (not a brilliant idea)!

Rod Fox was spearfishing when he was seriously ‘mouthed’ by a white pointer which, luckily did not bite him in halves. The above picture was taken just two days after surgeons removed the 260 odd stiches from his chest in late 1963. Rod went on to appear in many shark documentaries – his first “Revenge of a Shark Victim”.

The diver with a white pointer on the beach is a 21 year-old John Harding Jr. After this encounter he began writing about the significant behavioural differences between various shark species. –

A popular story on white pointer sharks in the weekly \Everybodys\ magazine in 1967 became the first published anywhere to state these differences from a divers encounters.

This was the beginning of recognition for the grey nurse shark as being no longer a lethal species. Fathom magazine later popularised this view in 1971 – that material has been perpetuated and expanded since.

When the above pictures were taken – “all sharks were killers” – we know otherwise today of course.

Exhibiting a White Shark (Monterey Aquarium, California information)

\In September 2004, the aquarium became the first in the world to place a white shark on long-term exhibit. The shark was tagged and successfully released back to the wild in March 2005.

The data tag mapped the shark’s movements for a month