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U2 may re-record Pop (Not a bad idea either).

(ITV) — U2 are considering releasing a new version of their 1997 album Pop.

Bono claims the record was put out in an unfinished and unsatisfactory state.

He says the album had a lot of great ideas on it and the band may go back into the studio to tinker with it.

Bono said: “There is still talk about the band going back in and fixing Pop, actually going in because the bones of a great album are there.

“It didn’t communicate the way it was intended to. It became a niche record. That’s not what it was intended to be.

“If we’d just had another month, we could have finished it.”

He added: “We did a really bad thing. We let the manager book the tour, known in this camp as the worst decision U2 ever made, and we had to wrap up the album sooner than we wanted.”

Note: \Discotheque\ sounds better with heavier drums – as per a car stereo on full bass.