WRECKAGE HOOK-UP – Prawn trawler’s net loss

NetBomberNQld (23k image)
**The last thing a prawn trawler needs is to lose gear on a shipwreck, sunken aircraft or a reef.**

But it does happen. Sometimes the ‘snag’ combined with the speed and power of the vessel is sufficent to pull the craft down at the stern, thus sinking it.

With GPS the bad \snags\ are pin-pointed. Ben Cropp and crew have been investigating such marks on the marine charts. Eventually somthing substantial is certain to show up.

See archives: 22/07/2004: “SALVAGED MACHINE GUN ……. from WW2 aircraft.”


AlbyZiebell (42k image)
**Alby Zeibell purchased the famed charter boat \Coralita\ from our other good friend Captain Wally G Muller.**

Alby was a former Tasmanian abalone diver who excelled at most things he set his mind to. He began exploring \The Coral Sea\ aboard his new vessel and soon turned it into the best international boat of it’s kind, catering to leading divers. He was able to concentrate his extra time on underwater photography and was soon achieving the very top quality results from macro to very wide angle, including the first schooling hamerhead sharks at Osprey Reef.

\Coralita\ was not so fortunate. The first mishap occured when a giant US warship accidently \squashed\ the tied-up vessel against Cairns wharf while attempting a difficult turn around. After months of repairs \Coralita\ later caught fire on her first voyage, electrical wiring short-circuting at sea. But worse was yet to come.

Just days before departure for months of pre-paid dive charter work in New Guinea, a mysterious explosion in the sealed engine room sent \Coralita\ to the bottom of Cairns Harbour in seconds.

**Alby was cleared of \involvement\** in the accident – although waterfront rumours always blame any maritime accident on the owners desiring an insurance payout.

Construction for a newer and bigger vessel were 90% complete but another financial disaster occured when the builder was declared bankrupt and everything was lost in the legal mine-field which followed.

Alby then turned his talents to angling and soon became a recognised authority and with a weekly radio slot and many fishing friends. Anglers comprised 95% of the vast crowd who attended his funeral. Alby died from heart complications while returning from a fishing trip up the coast with his mates.