L.S.A. breakfast mix by the late Dr FJ Steed

fjsteedphd (9k image)
**Dr FJ Steed is the inventor of the L.S.A. breakfast mix. He began selling it at his Coffs Harbour \Lifestream\ about 1970, many years before it became nationally popular as \LSA – ‘the liver cleansing diet’.\**

Three-parts linseed (flaxseeds), two-parts sunflower kernels, one-part (or less) almond. These beneficial ingredients can be purchased from Coles supermarkets (and sometimes in Woolworths) and later finely ground at home via a coffee grinder, or blender. Busy people buy it already ground. Fresh has to be best. All \health food\ stores have it, but at higher prices.

It’s important the linseed is finely crushed otherwise it can’t digest. Freshly ground is more beneficial too. The powdered mix is eaten with fruits, juice and perhaps a Greek-style yoghurt. Mango, peach, and paw-paw are now in season. After Easter grated apple and pear is a good winter combo.

Top this dessert-like dish with strawberries, kiwi fruit etc. Liquid flaxseed oil is good added over the fruit. Food for a millionaire, not expensive if made yourself but too expensive for restaurants to offer, so far. Enjoy before any hard work and feel how easy it is to skip lunch.