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**Truth in advertising? The poster is colour but the 90 minute movie was black and white. Acceptable today?**

In 1956 this “B” grade drama insinuated: ‘within the upper reaches of the Amazon such unknown creatures could exist’.

A little like a fictional film claiming: **Such things may exist two kilometers deep in the ocean today.** No one knows what is deep down there but you can bet it’s not a gill-man?

Imagine such a distortion today? Couldn’t happen? It could and it does with other themes.

**Fargo** the award winning Cohen Brothers film, opens with **”this is a true film”.** IT WASN’T.

(In a radio national **Arts Today** interview it was revealed, “we put the **true film** title in because people enjoy a film more if they think it is a true story).

The underwater stuntman in ‘Black Lagoon’ who had exceptional breath-holding ability as the ‘creature’ was not initially listed/credited. The producers wishing the public would think the creature was real. (This is revealed in the DVD version). A similarity to **Fargo**back then.

Underwater shots in crystal clear fresh water are reminisent of TV’s **Sea Hunt** and **The Aquanauts** both in Australia from about 1959. Two additional creature sequels followed but neither had the quality or original actors.

Then the Hollywood underwater bubble burst. It reformed years later with shark films “Jaws” and “”Blue Water White Death”.